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67-Year Old Man Learns A New Language In Just 30 Days Then Finds New Love 6000 Miles Away In Croatia

The final items on his bucket list throws up some very big and unexpected surprises!

When 67-year old Michael Bonner from Phoenix, Arizona, decided to retire from his job as a bus driver, more than 3 years ago, he planned a simple bucket list. Since then he has been living the dream.

Michael’s wife of 39 years had passed away in 2016 and they never had any children, so he was on his own. His only living relative was a brother who was living somewhere in Europe but he hadn’t seen him or been in contact for about 40 years. His last known address was in Spain but it seems he had moved on to Portugal without leaving any forwarding address.

Needed to lose some weight…

For 43 years Michael had sat behind the wheel of a bus and for 28 of those years he drove the same route, getting to know many of his passengers by their first name. However, sitting for 8-10 hours a day over 5-6 days a week meant he had put on some excess weight over the years. So, the first item on his bucket list was to shed 30 pounds.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight will know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Michael had tried all kinds of diets and exercises and even joined a gym but although the weight was slowly coming off, it took a full 18 months to hit his target weight. Finally he could strike that difficult goal off his list and move on.

Helped an Afghan vet to find a home…

Next on the list was “To change someone’s life for the better.” And that was an easy one for Michael who was living in the suburban Phoenix area of Chandler. Almost every day for the past 12 months he would walk down to the local shops, where he would come across David. David was a 54-year old homeless man, living on the street and depending on handouts from passers-by.

David’s story is long and complicated but his fall from grace began when he returned from active service in Afghanistan in 2006 and discovered that his wife had left him. Unable to hold down a job he soon ended up on the streets. Michael asked David if he would do some gardening work for him, which he gladly did. A few weeks later Michael offered David a room in his 3-bedroom house in exchange for some regular light gardening and handyman duties until he could get back on his feet.

Real exciting times lay ahead…

Item 3 on Michael’s bucket list was hang gliding and item 4 was swimming with dolphins, both of which were executed with precision and much enjoyment. Items 5 and 6 however, were much more of a challenge and involved a lot of travel and learning a new language. Michael had never before travelled further than Houston, Texas, which was a mere 1000 miles by air, and to him seemed like a trip to the other side of the world.

So a planned trip to Europe was going to be something very special. Michael’s plan was to fly from Phoenix to Zagreb, Croatia, which is a 13-hour flight covering a staggering 6000 miles. Then to travel by road through Slovenia, Italy, France and then onto Spain and finally Portugal before flying back to the US. He could hardly contain his excitement as he explained how this epic journey was one of his life-long dreams.

Croatia here I come…

“I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe”, he said. “And I have always wanted to go to Croatia first because I once read about the fantastic scenery, especially around its many uninhabited islands.” He added, “My plan is to travel all along the coast line right up to Portugal and I think it will take about 2 months to complete my trip of a lifetime.” Travel means coming across many foreign languages too, for which Michael has spent 6 weeks in preparation.

Learning a new language is challenging for anyone but at the age of 67, it’s all the more of a commitment. However, Michael had stunned all his friends with his efforts, being able to learn the Croatian language in just under 30 days. His secret lies in a little language learning gadget called a LingoGet. This ultra-smart piece of technology is extremely simple to use and allows you to learn one or more of 40 different languages and dialects.

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Learning the language was the easy part…

The slender, hand-held device has only 2 buttons, one you press and then speak, while the other is pressed while you listen. It also has 3 settings, one for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Michael says, “The Lingoget provides such an easy way to learn a new language, especially on the go. I thought about doing a language course in a class but it was expensive and didn’t really fit in with my time and schedule. With this device I can learn at my own pace whenever I want.”

When Michael first landed in Croatia, he had already mastered the language and more importantly, the exact pronunciation of Croatian words. He was able to speak fluently with all the locals, which led to one very unexpected benefit. Whilst in a local bar, he met a very beautiful woman named Ana. Ana was a 53-year old Portuguese lady who was also traveling Europe.

Michael impresses his new traveling companion…

Ana spoke very good Croatian plus Italian and Spanish too, which was quite a coincidence as Michael would be traveling through those countries. A friendship quickly developed and they agreed to travel together as per Michael’s planned journey. Ana was fascinated with Michael’s Lingoget Language Learning device, especially when he told her he had learned to speak fluent Croatian simply by speaking and listening.

Over the coming weeks, as they travelled through many picturesque towns and villages, the LingoGet device helped them to form a close bond as they learned to speak both French and Catalan together. It was so much fun for both of them and made the journey very special. They both realised how important it was to learn the correct pronunciation of words as they traveled through various regions of France and Spain.

My Croatian voice had melted Ana’s heart…

By the time they reached Portugal, and the last leg of the journey, Michael and Ana had become very close. Having spent more than 8 weeks in each other’s company, it was obvious to both of them that their chance meeting in a bar in Zagreb was meant to happen. Michael recalls, “I guess if it wasn’t for my learning the Croatian language, I don’t think our paths would ever have crossed.” He said.

He revealed, “Ana said she fell in love with me the moment she heard me speak. Isn’t that just plain crazy? She said I had a very gentle and kind voice.” He added. “Well if that’s true I only have my Lingoget to thank for that.” During all that time on the move, little did Michael know that there was to be one more big surprise waiting for him.

Best room in the house for the “happy couple”

Michael and Ana had booked into a small hotel on the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal, for the final few days of their epic journey. When they arrived at the hotel, they were met by the hotel manager who welcomed them and showed them to their room. It was the best room in the hotel with stunning views over the surrounding countryside.

Michael had learned to speak Portuguese on his way to Portugal, along with languages for all the other countries he had visited, thanks to his Lingoget device. When he booked the room he told the manager that he and Ana were on their honeymoon, just so they could have the best room for their final few days.

The language of love…

The next few days was quite surreal and seemed like a dream to Michael but as time was now quickly slipping away he knew he might never get this opportunity ever again. On the last night before the long journey home, Michael asked Ana to marry him… and surprisingly she said yes. Ana agreed to fly back to Phoenix with Michael where they would become man and wife.

As Michael held his LingoGet Language Learning device tightly in his hand he said, “It’s hard to believe that by simply learning a new language and then traveling to a new country, my life is now complete. Getting married was not on my bucket list but with Ana agreeing to marry me I couldn’t be happier.” Her added, “Learning a new language broadens your horizons and presents you with opportunities that you might never otherwise know exist. What’s more, if I can do it at my age than I’m sure anyone can.

The Lingoget Language Learning device takes a bow

Now back in Phoenix and soon to be married, Michael and Ana are busy planning a long honeymoon tour of South America, taking in Brazil, Paraguay, Uraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. They have already started learning all the local language dialects with their LingoGet Language Learning devices, in preparation for their dream vacation.

The LingoGet Language Learning device is probably the most valuable language tutor you could ever own and it’s no surprise that they are selling fast. We have managed to secure a 50% discount on the usual retail price of this amazing gadget but for a very limited time only. Learning a new language is not only useful it’s fun and who knows where it could lead?

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